SD cards are easily the most popular removable data storage device in use today. Computer and electronics manufacturers design their products to work easily with SD cards and several companies produce SD cards in various storage sizes. Consumers appreciate the reasonably priced option along with the SD cards portability and lightweight design. The SD cards ability to work with so many different devices like computers, digital cameras and portable media players significantly increases the potential for a user to accidentally delete important files.

You might not believe it, but deleting files, you didn’t want to delete something that happens on a regular basis. Be it while you are deleting something else or attaching the SD Card to another device, it might go wrong, and you can lose all your files in the process. If you aren’t careful, then you might experience this as well. Always look at documents you are about to delete to avoid having to restore them.

Why the recovery of SD Card files is hard?

Unfortunately, deleting a file from an SD card is not the same process as it is with the recovery from a PC. When the file is deleted from the card it is not moved to a special folder, instead the storage space the file occupies is marked as available. This means that the file and all of its data is still present on the SD card. Unfortunately, there is no way for the device that created the file to locate it any longer. If the file was deleted by the device that created it, a digital camera for instance, the same process may apply. Some manufacturers may design the process to overwrite the storage space with empty data as well.

The retrieval of the lost data

Regardless of how the file was deleted, our SD Card Data Recovery Software applications available on this website can undelete from SD card. It is important to stop using the SD card as soon as the file is accidentally deleted because new files might be saved in the same data storage space as the deleted file. This can create significant complications that will make the data recovery process take longer. Please download our software and follow on screen instruction regarding and get your files back!


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