SD cards are very popular storage devices for portable electronic gadgets. The lightweight design and powerful storage capability make SD cards an ideal storage medium for electronics manufacturers and consumers alike. A single SD card can be used with multiple electronic devices and can easily be connected to a computer.

Every individual that has to plug their SD card and other storage devices in the PC fear the moment they get the message that says “card not recognized.” The problem with this error is that it can pop-up due to various reasons.

Every error can be corrected if you know how to do it. Paying others to do it is an option, but it costs too much money as you can do it without any help. Follow the guide, and everything will be OK.

The versatility of SD cards is their doom

Many people enjoy the ability to view and edit files stored on an SD card. An SD card used with a digital camera is probably the most common example. The photos can be easily uploaded to a social or photo sharing site. There are also quite a few web based photo editing sites that are popular. Mac computers come with iPhoto preinstalled. This powerful photo editing application can work with the photo while it is on the SD card or import the photo to the computer’s gallery. There are similar applications available for Windows and Linux users as well.

Sometimes, when trying to access a SD card connected to a computer, the user will be presented with a message stating:

Please insert a disk in Drive X, and that is a heart stopping message.

Restoring SD Card that had this error

This basically means that the computer is unable to recognize the SD card. There are a couple reasons this can happen. The most common reason is dirty or damaged contacts on the SD card. Remove the SD card and wipe the contacts with a dry, clean cloth. This will help remove oil, dust and other deposits from the SD card. As the SD card is transferred from device to device, the opportunity for the contacts to pick up debris increases. It is often a good idea to clean the contacts on a SD card regularly.

Another common cause of the error is an improperly connected SD card. If the card reader is built into the computer, eject the SD card and try reconnecting it. If the card reader is connected through a USB port, stop the card reader and remove it from the computer. Pull out the SD card and reinsert it into the card reader. Ensure the contacts are matched up with the grooves in the card reader’s slot and that the SD card fits snugly. Then reconnect the card reader to the computer. This will resolve the issue in most cases.



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