You might think that all files are the same when it comes to their recovery, but you would be wrong. Different files act in various ways once they get deleted or lost due to the corruption of the card. This means that the recovery of photos isn’t as same as recovering documents or something similar.

This short guide will show you how to recover photos from the SD card. It will point out all crucial steps you will need to perform to recover pictures you want.

How does photo recovery work?

Digital cameras have enabled everyone to preserve their precious memories and share them with friends and family. The manufacturers of digital cameras rely quite heavily on SD cards for expanded storage capacity. In most cases, users will make the SD card the default location for saving new pictures. It is much easier to transfer and download image files from an SD card than from the internal memory of a digital camera. This is because the camera requires a user install special software on their computer while an SD card works just like any other drive once it is connected.

Photo data damage and restoration

Sometimes, the photos on an SD card will experience data damage. This is usually the result of removing the SD card while the camera or computer are still working with the SD card; either reorganizing the data or attempting to save a file. Once the image file has become damaged, it can no longer be opened and in some cases, cannot even be recognized as an image file.
In that case all you have to do is to connect your SD card to your computer using a card reader and run our software. On screen instructions will lead you step by step with restoring your photos.

Most people believe that once an image file has become damaged, the photo cannot be saved. Many even go so far as to dispose of the SD card containing the damaged file believing that the damaged file is the result of a broken SD card. These perceptions are wrong. Most photos can be recovered with the right SD Card Data Recovery software. Because the source of the data damage is not the SD card itself, there is no reason to believe the card will not continue to function properly. In fact, most SD cards will be lost or misplaced long before they stop working.

How to use software for photo recovery

When a memory card experiences data damage, it is important to stop using the card. If new photos are saved into the same area where the damaged photo is stored, it will be very difficult to fix the damage. There are several third party vendors that can help recover photos from SD Card after such an event. Our software is designed to recover photos from SD card or other removable or fixed media storage device. Download and install for free. The application has a user friendly interface that provides step by step guidance in recovering damaged or deleted photo files.


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