The biggest problem with recovery of data from a Micro SD Card is the fact that you have to connect it to a PC. Connecting the mobile device to the card within won’t work, so don’t try it as it might ruin any chances of data recovery.

In order to recover your card, you will have to connect it with card reader to the PC where the data recovery software is installed. External card readers can also be purchased that connect to computers and tables through the USB port. Most card readers work with standard SD cards can be connected with an adapter like the one described above.

Many card readers also have a slot specifically created for Micro SD cards which will enable users to connect their Micro SD card to the computer without an adapter. There are even a few card readers that will only work with Micro SD cards. These are often very small devices that can be easily lost. To prevent this, they are often sold as part of a keychain. This helps ensure the card reader is present when the user needs it because the card reader will be with their keys.

An adapter is the only option

There are a couple different ways to connect a Micro SD card to a computer. There are inexpensive adapters that look just like a standard SD card. On one side there is a slot that the card will fit into. The adapter can then be connected to the computer and the files on the Micro version can be accessed just like any other files on a drive.

A detailed recovery process for Micro SD Card

SD cards are the most popular removable storage device in use today. These storage devices come in three different form factors. The standard SD card is rectangular in shape measures roughly 1.25 inches by 1 inch. The Micro SD more closely resembles a square and measures roughly .85 inches by .80 inches. The smaller Micro version is also rectangular in shape but has notch on one side that looks similar to the fin on a fish. The Micro SD card roughly measures .60 inches by .45 inches. Micro SD cards are the most popular storage device with mobile phones.

There are also several other devices that are designed to work with Micro SD cards as well. Most people face a challenge when they attempt to transfer data saved on a Micro SD card to a computer or tablet since the SD card slot is designed for the standard SD card format. Occasionally the files on a Micro SD card will experience data damage. This is no different than the data damage any hard drive or other storage device can experience. Our SD Card Data Recovery software is just as effective with Micro SD cards as it is with standard cards. Damaged files on a Micro SD card can be quickly and easily recovered with just a few mouse clicks.


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