Everyone loves SD Cards due to their small size and abundant storage. You can store a lot of data on a small device which is why everyone uses it. The problem with SD Cards is that you can format them without any intention of doing it, thanks to the way they interact with various devices.


Because SD cards are small, can hold a lot of data and easy to use, they are popular storage devices that get a lot of use. The same SD card that is used to save photos in a camera can also be used for storing documents, videos, music files and more. One of the potential problems with such diverse use is accidentally reformatting the memory card.

Formatted SD Card data recovery

This usually happens when the SD card is connected to a computer. Often a window pops up with a number of options about how the computer should interact with the memory card. Not all computers highlight the same choice each time, however. Some computers default to opening the folder while others will default to printing all the printable files like pictures or documents. On some systems, the card will not be immediately recognized as an active storage device and will prompt the user to format the card. Clicking Continue without verifying what option is actually highlighted can result in unintended actions like formatting the SD card and losing all of the files that were stored on it.


Sometimes, the computer will have trouble reading the card and report a boot error. If the user knows there is data already on the card, ejecting the SD card and reconnecting it to the computer is often all that is required for the computer to recognize the card is active and contains files. The computer, however, does not make this suggestion. Instead it recommends formatting the card, data on a formatted card is inaccessible.

Nothing is impossible with right tools

Most people believe that formatted SD card recovery is impossible and all of the files on the SD card are permanently deleted. In fact, none of the files have been deleted. Formatting simply marks all of the space on the card as available. When new files are saved to the SD card, the old data gets overwritten with the new content. Once the old files have been replaced with new ones, it becomes very difficult to recover the old data.

SD card recovery software can easily assist with a formatted SD card recovery. The first step is to stop using the SD card. If no new data is saved to the SD card, the recovery software will have a much easier time restoring the lost files.



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