SD cards are quite popular extended storage devices for most portable electronic gadgets. The SD card can be used with several different devices and connected to a computer when the user wants to transfer or edit any of the files created by another device.

What is this error?

Sometimes the user will experience an error when attempting to save a new file to an SD card. This can happen when the card is connected to a computer or inserted a portable electronic device like a digital camera. The exact phrasing of the error message will vary from device to device but, the essence of the message is: SD Card Error: File cannot be saved to SD card.

This error can occur for several different reasons. The most common reason is that the file being saved requires more space than is available on the SD card. Consult your devices manual for instructions on checking the available space on the SD card. If the card is full, either delete some files to free up space or use a different SD card.

“Read only” error and how to fix it

Another common reason for not being able to save new files to a SD card is that the card is locked. Remove the SD card and ensure the white bar on the side is not in the locked position.

Sometimes the SD card is designated as ‘Read Only.’ This happens when a device writes a file to the SD card to prevent the card from working with any other device. The device that designates the card as read only can still manipulate files on the card but, no other device or computer is allowed to use the SD card or its files. Consult the manual for your devices to determine if this feature has been applied to the SD card.

Paying for repair vs. doing it alone

Paying for something like this is what the majority of people would do. They don’t want to bother with learning how to do it without help. They pay the fee, and someone else does that for them. That isn’t a bad thing if you know nothing about software.

But, if you possess some basic skills with computers and software, then there is no reason to pay someone else to repair your device. You have to either read or watch a guide on how to repair it and then download software for the same. That is all you need to save money by doing everything alone.


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