Technology that allows for recovery of lost data came a long way from the business that asked for hundreds of dollars for simple data recovery to free software you can download everywhere. The whole process was short as the fast-paced advancement of tech improved the way we approach many things.

You can choose from dozens of free software for data recovery from the internet. The list you will see here will take in account many things, from features it offers to the ease of use and installation.

The software you should use

If you did even a bit of research on SD card recovery software, then you know what Recuva is. This tool allows you to restore lost data from a range of devices, including HDD, SD, DVD and so on. It possesses a so-called deep scan mode that is superior to features much other software has. It works on all types of PC systems. You can connect other devices to PC to utilize this software. It is a bit complicated to install but quite simple to use.

Now, talking about data recovery and software that does it would be useless without mentioning TestDisk. This is open-source software that is superior to the majority of tools you have on the market. The primary purpose of this tool is to recover lost partitions and repair disks that won’t boot. It received many updates since its creation, and right now you can use it for all types of data recovery. This software works best if the professional uses it. This, however, doesn’t mean that amateurs can’t utilize its features to recover files.

Undelete 360 is another data recovery software that is worth your time. It’s free and easy to use. It looks like just another Windows tool, but you can use it to recover all types of files. The great thing about this tool is its algorithm which is fast and efficient. It works well on all kinds of devices including digital cameras, smartphones, USBs and so on. Download it, and you will see why everyone praises it so much.


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