If you get a notification that your SD card is corrupted then the only option you have, if you want to continue to use it, is to format it. And a lot of people will do that without thinking because they don’t store relevant data on their SD cards. The problem is that the corruption won’t go away and it will re-appear on a regular basis. If you want to restore lost files, then you must get the SD card out of the device without trying to format it.


SD cards are used for storing all kinds of files including music, image and video files. Because SD cards are so compact and slim, they are easy to take anywhere which makes them one of the most popular storage options in use today. This convenience means that they get a lot of use and accidentally deleting a file happens much more often than most people think. In some cases the SD card itself becomes damaged.

Correct actions can lead to data restoration

Recovering a file that has been accidentally deleted is easier than from a physically corrupted SD card. There are numerous programs available that are specifically designed for corrupted SD card recovery. Our program for example can recover all kinds of files in a wide variety of situations ranging from data damage to accidental deletion.


Once a file has been accidentally deleted, it is very important to stop using the SD card. Every SD card has a finite amount of storage space available and the read / write process attempt to optimize the use of this space. Continued use of the SD card after a file has been accidentally deleted can make the recovery process much more difficult and expensive. This is because there is the potential for the deleted file to be overwritten with a new file.

How to restore files you lost?

Our Corrupted SD card data recovery software can be purchased online. You can download our data recovery software for free, run a scan on your memory card and enjoy a free preview of your photos and files. Later you may purchase a license and get your files back.

Using our corrupted SD data recovery application is easy. Once the program is installed on the computer, connect the SD card with the missing files. Open the SD data recovery program and locate the SD card using the browse function. Our application requires a choice to be made about what types of files to attempt to recover. Once the choice is made, the application will scan the SD card for all recoverable files matching the chosen file type. A list of recoverable files will be generated after the scan. Select the files that were accidentally deleted and click the Recover button. The application will restore those files to the SD card.



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