SD cards are popular due to their versatility. They are small and convenient and also have vast storage space for all kind of data. People tend to fill them with all sorts of things, and not many individuals will format them on a regular basis. This leads to errors, and one of those is the “Access Denied.” How to correct those errors and gain access to your sites is what this post is all about.

People use SD cards with all kinds of electronic devices including digital cameras, portable media players and mobile phones. Often the SD card is the preferred method of transferring files between these devices and a computer. Connecting the SD card to a computer will enable the user to work with any of the files stored on the SD card regardless of what device actually created the file.

The repair of the “Access Denied” error

There are a few reasons this message will appear. In all cases, the file cannot be opened or edited until the error is resolved. The easiest cause to fix is with the SD card itself. On one side of the SD card is a white bar that can slide up and down. In the down position, the SD card is locked and files on the card cannot be edited, deleted or copied. Verify that the white bar is not in the locked position and try again.

Another reason for the SD Card error message above is password protection. Some devices will automatically apply password protection to files. This feature is turned on within the device and unlocking the files is also done within the device. Return the SD card to the device that created the file and remove the protection from the file. This is not a default feature on most devices and must be activated by the user. Consult the manual that came with the electronic device to see if this feature is present and how to use it.

The final reason this message will appear is data damage. If the file on the SD card has experienced data damage, the user can receive the above message when attempting to open the file. Our SD Card Data Recovery applications available on this website can help resolve this issue. This program is free to download and install. Once the application has fixed the damaged file, the computer will be able to access the SD card and the access denied SD card error is gone.



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