About us

The company deals with SD and HDD data recovery, as well as other technological areas that focus on software and computers. The hard focus of the company is data recovery, and thus all services revolve around trying to save as much data from the SD or HDD as it is possible. Leading recovery developers develop SD Card Recovery Software. Our solutions help thousands of users around the globe. Our software is designed to help both professional computing experts and non-expert users. Anyone can use the software we developed, but the rate of the success and the percentage of recovered data will differ.

The difference comes from the skill required to utilize software to its full capacity. Non-experts can use it to retrieve some data, while professionals will retrieve anything that can be recovered.

Our company also develops software that can recover data from HDD and USB. This is complicated, and thus amateurs can’t do anything if their HDD or USB experiences problems that lead to the loss of data. On the other hand, professionals can use software to recover what was once lost.