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Welcome to the site that explores the limits of the technology. Tech advanced at a rapid pace. This rapid advancement means that developers can come up with new products on a regular basis. Some of those products benefit the industry, while others aren’t good enough as they don’t provide features that the older products don’t have. All of this is a part of the technological advancement. All of that and more will be the part of articles you will read on this blog.

How software works

Our software is easy to use, and thus anyone can make it work. First of all, you have to go to the download page and get it. The next step is installation. The installation wizard is simple, and you have to click on “yes,” “accept” and “confirm” several times to get it running. A guide is there to show you the basic options of the software. Read the manual, and you are ready to restore data you lost.

SD Card technology is there for you when inspiration strikes.

Products that the company offers are in the form of software that enables the recovery of data from various mediums.

Quite a lot of people make a mistake and format the SD card and thus lose a lot of pictures and documents. Software that the company uses can restore data from SD cards, and therefore you can contact them through this site if you need assistance.

Every computer owner fears the moment their HDD fails to start. The majority of people store valuable info on HDD, and thus its loss can hurt. Recovery of such data is expensive, but worth the price if you have private info, you want to recover.

Few people keep essential data on USB, but you can lose documents and other data if the USB encounters some issues. Recovery of materials from USB is hard, but not impossible as long as you let the professional do the work.

The advantage of our software

The software we developed consists of dozens upon dozens of sophisticated algorithms that identify and restore data that was lost. This complex nature doesn’t mean that it is hard to use. Even amateurs can use it to restore documents they lost from SD Card. The easy of the use of the software is thanks to the advancement of technology as it allowed us to pack complicated software into something anyone can use. Our software is free, and thus you can jump to the download page and have it running in a matter of minutes. Download it, and no file is lost permanently.


“I lost quite a lot of important data I had on the SD Card. That was a bad thing as I kept almost everything on it. But not all is lost as I managed to restore almost everything with software this company offered. I would have lost everything if not for them” explains Mickey.

Lorine Geribo

CEO at Scan Disk

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